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Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a process through which the experience, skills, and knowledge that you already have can be converted to nationally recognised qualifications. It means that you don’t have to sit in a classroom and learn about things that you already know. You can just show evidence that you’ve covered it in your job or life.

Learning Music Australia work with current Musicians and those with music tech / business skills to create career pathways. You may be surprised with the level of qualification that you will receive qualifications they’re eligible to receive through RPL. Contact us today to discuss your “RPL”. Along the way, if necessary you may be required to participate in additional training called “gap training”. We will assess your experiences and let you know the possibilities. By having a Music Industry qualification, many study pathways will “open up”, as will collaboration opportunities with LMA and the wider music industry.

RTO: Our VET Music qualifications are provided under auspice from the Australian College of the Arts Pty Ltd (Collarts) RTO Number – 0109

The RPL Process

Step 1: Preliminary Assessment – Let us know a bit about your experiences, and provide us with a few documents for a free, no obligation assessment of what we can offer.

Step 2: Provide Evidence  – Submit you evidence of your experiences and prior learning.  We’ll let you know exactly what we need to map your competencies to the qualification units.

Step 3: Become Qualified  – After our team has successfully processed your evidence, you’ll be awarded your certificate and we’ll submit all of the paperwork to the government to formalise your qualification.