We are currently delivering a Music Diploma, giving emerging musicians the ability to engage with the music industry and create learning pathways to university!

This course develops performance skills and gives a theoretical understanding, real world technical, managerial and specialised knowledge to plan, carry out and evaluate your own work and/or that of a team in the music industry.

Other units include; music composition, live audio/sound, stagecraft, recording, live audio mixing, electronic music and work skills.

This course is enrolled a through North Coast TAFE (RTO 90010)

Skills gainedPossible career outcomes include
– Apply music knowledge and artistic judgement– Musician
– Implement copyright arrangements– Audio engineer
– Meet workplace OHS requirements– Production technician
– Artistic judgement– Manager
– Aural perception
– Advanced instrumental techniques
– Audio engineering
– Music business skills

Course Prerequisites

  • Certificate IV in Music and/or extensive vocational experience in music practice.
  • All students are required to complete a language, literacy and numeracy test to be conducted by Learning Music Australia.

Course Structure

Core Units

  • CUFCMP501A   Manage and exploit copyright arrangements
  • CUSIND501A    Apply music knowledge and artistic judgement
  • CUSOHS301A   Follow occupational health and safety procedures

Elective Units

  • CUFIND401A    Provide services on a freelance basis
  • CUSIND401A   Develop specialist expertise in the music industry
  • CUSMCP402A  Develop techniques for composing music
  • CUSMPF501A   Prepare a program for peformance
  • CUSMPF508A  Provide musical leadership in performance
  • CUSMPF506A  Develop technical skills and expand repertoire
  • CUSMPF502A  Incorporate interactive technology into performance
  • CUSMPF402A  Develop and maintain stagecraft skills
  • CUSSOU401A  Record sound
  • CUSMCP501A  Compose music using electronic media
  • CUESOU04C    Mix live audio
  • CUESOU11B     Setup and operate stage monitor systems
  • CUSSOU405A  Mix recorded music

Total number of units and cost

Total units: 16            Total cost: $14,000.00

*Course options for the Diploma in 2017 are currently in negotiations. Please continue to visit this page for more details or ring Learning Music Australia

Contact Details

E: admin@learningmusicaustralia.com

P: (08) 8395 4993 or 0419 669 489


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