**Below is a list of questions that are frequetly asked by parents, students and schools.

Dear parents & students,

We are wanting to provide you with some information about how your child is able to work towards achieving a Certificate II Music Industry (Performance) Course as part of their Aussie ROCKSCHOOL journey.

Firstly, let’s please make it very clear – the initial 3-year “Aussie ROCKSCHOOL Program” from beginner to Bronze, all the way through to “Platinum” is not a “VET Music Course”….It’s a music industry journey where students are part of what we call a “micro music industry”.

We will explain further, below :  )

Intro –

  1. LMA has been delivering the Aussie ROCKSCHOOL Program since early 2000’s. It’s an ELITE music industry training program which mirrors the REAL music industry, and provides students with a range of skills and experiences to prepare them for further / university studies, and is a pathway to the music industry.
  1. LMA has been delivering nationally accredited certificate courses for over a decade.
  1. What we have done, for the benefit of all students (current and future students) is we have connected outcomes of the Aussie ROCKSCHOOL program with “VET course – Certificate II Music Industry” outcomes, however, to reiterate very importantly, the course is NOT a “stand alone” VET Course.
  1. Essentially, as music industry professionals, we are best placed to know what is best for young australian modern musicians. So, what we have done is structured the “Aussie ROCKSCHOOL Journey”, as such so that it provides ELITE experiences, connection and outcomes. It just so happens that we have the insight / skills and capacity to set up a process to “gather evidence” whilst ALL of our students are going through their 3-year journey.

Gathering of evidence –

  1. “Gathering of evidence”, occurs mostly behind scenes by our staff and is guided by management and specialist VET Trainers within LMA. Gathering evidence assists us to (on behalf of you and your child) complete what is known as “RPL – Recognition of Prior Learning”.
  1. By the end of two years in to the Aussie ROCKSCHOOL journey, our staff / management will have the required “evidence” to be able to put together a portfolio for parents / students. The evidence can be officially submitted to our head trainer, and then on to our RTO Partner “COLLARTS”.

Submitting the evidence –

  1. Once all the evidence if gathered, your child’s “portfolio” can them be submitted to LMA. **Some people will not wish for this evidence to be submitted (Eg. If you do not wish to have a certificate or if your child is too young.). If you do not wish to submit, that is fine and we can provide you the portfolio for if you wish to submit at a later date. If your child is too young to submit, we are more than happy to keep the evidence on file and discussion a submission when your child is old enough (Yr9 is the preferred age, but in some instances we may be able to submit in yr8).
  1. There will be a small fee for submitting, assessing and providing the certificate (There’s a fee that LMA will need to pay COLLARTS, and we will also need to pay the head trainer to conduct the assessment of the portfolio).

Discussions with “high school aged” students / parents –

  1. We are in the process of collating a list of high school students. Once collated we will open a line of discussion with students and parents to establish their desire to have a portfolio assessed at the end of the year. *Either way, we will still be “gathering evidence” as the Aussie ROCKSCHOOL journey moves forward term by term.

Work Experience / Assistant Teacher Training –

  1. Whilst it’s not essential for Aussie ROCKSCHOOL students to participants to participate in work experience, we recommend approximately 40 hours of work experience for those that are high school age (In particular those that are very interested in music / achieving SACE credits for their Aussie ROCKSCHOOL Participation.
  1. M.A are very active in “training staff / recruitment with in”, and many of our staff were once students here at L.M.A. By completing a work experience component, it allows senior students to develop “assistant teacher” skills, and one day can be considered for employment. Another food part of having students ongoing work experience is the sense of “culture” that it helps to create with peers and staff / community.

Course content –

  1. As current students / parents involved in the Aussie ROCKSCHOOL Journey, you would have “noticed the difference” in the way we operate. A focus for us is to ensure ALL students participate in a journey of developing as “cover musicians” and “original musicians”. We also focus on students “working through the eras of music” in the initial 3 year Aussie ROCKSCHOOL Journey. All this is very important with the music industry in mind and to create strong opportunities for further University opportunities post-secondary schooling.
  1. As the journey progresses, students will continue to perform at LMA gig, and also be offered gigs in the wider community as they arise (and as students are deemed skilled enough).
  1. Students will also increase their awareness of song writing, by learning songs “through the eras / genres” and they will also steadily develop further music technology skills as the 3 year journey unfolds.
  1. There is a steady, constant and deliberate approach to “Everything’ we do here at LMA, and you students will benefit significantly.

Near future –

  1. Whilst maintaining a high-quality music industry journey (Aussie ROCKSCHOOL), we will continue to map further years of the program to higher level certificates (Eg. Right now we are looking at aligning the 3rd year of the program to Certificate III Music Industry Performance course), more details on this as it becomes available.
  2. The certificate III is equal to a year 12 subject, so I’m sure this will be of interest to many. It can also count towards the students ATAR.
  3. With all this in mind, and the fact that a lot of our students begin the Aussie ROCKSCHOOL Journey at age 10 years….we will very soon have many students well “ahead of the curve”.  This is quite exciting!

Future –

  1. In the somewhat distant future (but not too distant), “as above”, we are looking at “mapping” further years of the program to a cert 4 in music and eventually ideally a Diploma of Music. *Not available yet, and with our re-launch only being last year, we have considerable time to work on such elite inclusions for our students / parents.

Booklets –

  1. This year we are launching “booklets”. *Booklets will be created for ALL students, and will contain tasks that students need to do as part of the Aussie ROCKSCHOOL journey. Essentially these booklets assist us to “gather evidence”.

Conclusion –

  1. We are very excited to offer this unique approach to music education and training. Our process will ensure the most elite outcomes as possible and ensure great pathways to the music industry and further university studies if so desired.

We will soon be in touch with relevant students / parents to “ear mark” those that are likely to wish to submit at the end of the 2nd year of the program.

Kind Regards,

LMA – Management Team.